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Seeing Flying with Fresh Eyes


The Experience Is Everything Article appeared in Flying Magazine September, 2018 by John King There was a lot of blood in the water as we flew over the bowhead whale being harvested for the sustenance of the native Iñupiat community of Barrow, Alaska. It was a thought-provoking and broadening experience of the type we found we were…  [ Read More ]


ON THE PATH TO FAA MEDICAL CERTIFICATION REFORM Article appeared in Flying Magazine July, 2018 by Martha King When John came to in the hospital a number of years ago after a lapse of consciousness, you will appreciate that the very first concern he expressed was for his aviation medical certificate.  Perhaps the most significant and…  [ 5713023395 ]

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September 17, 2018 San Diego, CA  Drone pilots can take a new free King Schools course titled Using LAANC to Fly Drones in Controlled Airspace to learn how to use the FAA Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.  The online course includes HD video and bullet points followed by interactive questions to test your knowledge….  [ (307) 633-7178 ]

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You know what’s more stressful than a DME arc on a Monday? A root canal 😳 big thanks to King Schools employee, Sam Golden for being a good sport. Have a great week!
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SALE ALERT!! We're thankful for all of our new and existing customers! As a token of our appreciation, please take 20% off all KING Courses now through November 28th at 8pm pt. Please use the code PUMPKINPIE at checkout online, or call (800) 854-1001. /t.co/PY0eJ3feKm
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2018/10/25 @ 1:11
What in the name of Sam Hill is ground training if you can't have a little fun?! /t.co/dJFVt5e0FT
2018/10/17 @ 6:13
You will want to join us in congratulating our fearless leaders and co-chairmen John and Martha King for being named recipients of the National Aeronautic Association’s 2018 Wesley L. McDonald Distinguished Statesman of Aviation Award! #BizAv #NBAA2018
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419-326-9336 You should complete all the modules and test prep associated with our Private Pilot Course in about 1 month. The course itself is 15 hours total, but we want each of our customers to take their time and understand the concepts, not just memorize answers.
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@Rodocop You are correct, thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. We are in the process of moving this question to the appropriate lab in both the Drone Pilot Initial and Recurrent courses.
2018/09/20 @ 2:35
If you're attending the California Capital Airshow this weekend at Mather Airport, be sure to stop by on Sunday morning and see our good friend Jolie Lucas' ( @Mooney4me) talk on Exiting the Hold: Reaching Your Aviation Goals. Door prize from King Schools!